The 5th ICSPP invites proposals for thematic sessions. Submissions are encouraged across a wide range of topics of relevance to soldiers’ physical performance.

All proposals must follow the instructions listed below and be submitted online by midnight North America Eastern Standard Time April 15, 2019 extended to April 23, 2019. Please note that abstracts affiliated with these sessions will only be formally accepted into the program if the presenting author has registered and paid by the early bird registration deadline of September 30, 2019.

There are two options for Thematic Session Proposals: Standard Session OR Panel Session. Both styles will allow for a maximum of 5 speakers/panelists.  Most Standard Oral Sessions will have a total of 5 speakers, while some will have 4 speakers with a group discussion during the last 20-minute speaking slot.

  • Only abstracts submitted in English will be reviewed.
  • Session Organizer must be identified: [Note: There can be only one session organizer, this will be the primary contact.)
    • Session Organizer Information: Required info includes: Qualifications of Organizer, Presentation Format, and an indication as to whether the session organizer will be moderating the session or designating a moderator.
    • All details for the session will be finalized via communications with only this individual. This is the person who submits the Thematic session proposal.
  • The Session Organizer must include for the proposed speakers/panelists: First Name, Last Name, Professional Title, Professional Affiliation, Country, Email, Phone 
    • Indicate whether each presenter is confirmed (has been contacted and has committed) OR invited. 
    • Include a specific title for every speaker’s talk (this will also be the title of their abstract).
  • Session Description: Specify the goals and technical issues that will be the focus of the session (maximum 800 words).
  • Problem Statement or Question: Identify a topical question, challenge, or subject related to Soldiers’ Physical Performance. 
  • Intended Audience: Provide a brief discussion of why the session is of interest and to whom. Who is the target audience? Who would benefit most from the proposed session?
  • Priority will be given to those topics which can best address the “so what?” for the military operator and consider knowledge transfer of the applied research.
  • Thematic Sessions should offer a diverse mix of speakers (minimum 2 countries participating, consider gender diversity) 

Once a Thematic session is approved by the scientific committee the individual presenters will be invited to submit their individual abstracts in the traditional abstract submission process via the website. As of May 01, 2019, the accepted Thematic sessions will be published online and an invitation for additional/potential authors to submit their abstracts for the Thematic session will be advertised. The deadline to submit an abstract for a Thematic session is May 31, 2019.

  • Only those abstracts formally accepted will be published in the Congress Proceedings as submitted. Should your reviewers require you to make changes you can make amendments via the Presenters’ Portal until September 01, 2019. Please ensure you check your data carefully before submitting as changes or additions will not be accepted after the Call for Abstracts closes.
  • Note1: Please do not include grant acknowledgements, or copyright or trademark symbols in your abstract. However, this information will be required in the actual oral or poster presentation.

Deadline to submit a Thematic Session Proposal: April 15, 2019 extended to April 23, 2019
Authors should submit proposals electronically no later than 23:59 (North American Eastern Standard Time).
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Notice of acceptance or rejection of Session Proposals: May 01, 2019

Deadline to submit an abstract for a Thematic Session:
May 31, 2019




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